Good Morrow!  (That’s right I said it.)  Did yet another photoshoot for Blanche Macdonald’s aspiring stylists.  I really like volunteering for these.  Not only do I get to meet some great people but I also get photos to put here!

I’ve taken a real personal liking to this particular photoshoot.  One reason is because I really liked Maxime’s, (the stylist’s) ideas. Neon Pink lips and leather (and leather…and leather) what a fun concept.  But the main reason for me is that I’m starting to see what I’m capable of.  If you look in my Practice makeup page, the first few photos are from the very beginning of my attending Blanche. I look back on what I did then and what I’m creating now and wow have I progressed as a makeup artist. Sometimes professionals mention that “light-bulb” moment and I think this one is mine.  I’m just over halfway through my program.  I’ve learned so much and I feel proud of my work when I do it. With being halfway through school that means I’m going to continue learning and improving even more to the moment I complete my program and beyond.  How amazing is that?

In Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest, Jack Worthing tells his fiancé Gwendolen that she is “quite perfect.”  She replies, “Oh I hope I am not that. It would leave no room for developments, and I intend to develop in many directions.”

This lovely quote pretty much sums up how I approach my life.  By all means I am a perfectionist, but there’s always room for improvement.  I hope I never stop learning.  Thanks for reading! ~Hang on little tomato.

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